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Face a Face

The stunning FACE A FACE eyewear draws inspiration from modern art and contemporary design. These exquisite frames reflect individual personality and are world-renowned for their unique colour range, a true Face a Face trademark.

Sass and Bide

Sass and Bide eyewear, like their collection of clothes, reflects free-spirited confidence and contradiction. It is recognised globally for its distinct designs and clashed aesthetic. Luxurious, modern and iconic, each piece passes through 200 pairs of hands before the frame is completed.


Lightec provides the lightweight benefits of cutting edge technology and a minimalist and streamlined style, representing great value. The screw-free stainless steel and carbon fibre construction creates high-strength products without compromising style. You will find it easy to forget that you are wearing glasses at all!


Italian Furla eyewear reflects personality and timeless elegance with feminine and casual chic styles. Also known for its beautiful leather goods, this brand is coveted by women the world over.

Caroline Abram

Caroline’s inspiration comes from her diverse origin (Caribbean, Indian, French, and Polish).

Caroline has great imagination and style. She incorporates a large variety of material such as wood, natural stones and Swarovski crystals into her beautiful eyewear. An originator in her field, she is always ahead in her audacious designs, and is an international award-winner with her sophisticated collections.


The Jaguar eyewear collection mirrors the unique elegance and drive of the Jaguar sports car. Reflecting luxury, sophistication and style, this eyewear is for men who appreciate style, good form and function.


Embracing world-renowned innovative Danish design, there are over 500 new Prodesign frames released each year. Their eyewear is primarily designed to complement and enhance the face. Final finishing is done by hand, ensuring that each frame is unique and flawless. Their frames are made from the highest quality acetate, not plastic. Acetate is actually made from cotton! It is a beautiful material which allows for vivid colours, holds its shape over time and is also hypoallergenic.


Givenchy eyewear is a brand associated with both luxury and relaxed chic-ness. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, the eyewear collection is understated yet elegant, with a unique sense of style.


Superflex frames offer outstanding durability, reliability and strength. They are made from new generation Stainless Steel ,with a unique spring-hinge which comes with a lifetime warranty.

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